Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, shapes or polygons which are based on mathematical expressions.
These images can be enlarged by ANY AMOUNT without degrading the quality and without changing the memory size of the file.
Vector graphics are typically used for illustrations, logos and 3D imaging. There are also used for Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines for engraving or routing images on metal, wood or acrylic.
Technical drawing using software such as AutoCAD is also based on vector graphics.
Prints from vector graphics are razor sharp at ANY size.
Vector graphics use a totally different technology to raster images (e.g. jpeg) which are based on coloured pixels typically used for photographic images.
While it is possible to convert a raster illustration (jpeg) to a vector graphic automatically, better results are obtained by building or drawing a vector graphic manually.

Anna Chandler Design logo Centre for Excellence in Teaching logo Warwick SHS logo CPA logo
Logos produced manually Click to enlarge

We design new logos
We redraw existing logos as vector graphics
  • fully scalable to any size (no jagged lines)
  • razor sharp printing at any size
  • for use on your website, letterheads, invoices
  • the graphic is manually drawn from a sample that you provide and tidied up or modified where necessary.

Trophy produced with CNC Trophy with acrylic boat
cut and engraved with CNC using vector graphics.